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Bio Energy

Sorry We currently have no therapists practising Bio Energy

The treatment Energy vibrates and resonates electro-magnetically through us and is responsible for unlocking the coding, regeneration and development of the cells within human beings. It is a process that begins within the womb and continues throughout our life.

It really is quite simple You have a surplus of energy that is pressing on your system. Energy you are not using healthily for the benefit of yourself and others. It turns into ill health and depression. For example, assuming your father is the owner of a shop which he would like you to take over, and in order to please your father and not to upset him, you say yes. But your talents and enthusiasm lie more in travelling and writing, so the unexpressed energy of the latter will increase and eventually go into your body as illness. These energy blocks can be cleared out with the help of the Bio Energy treatment. It is also prophylactic and you will enjoy sensations of well being and peace.

The therapist scans your energy field with skilful movements in order to detect those energy blockages. They are able to feel where those energy accumulations stem from and can put them to your attention and awareness. You then welcome the feelings and emotions that might come up. A general feeling of well being follows. All you take off are your shoes and glasses.