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Craniosacral Osteopathy/Therapy

Annabelle Mundy BSc (Hons) Ost. Med. DO ND (Registered Osteopath)
Jaimini Mistry BSc (Hons) M.Ost (Registered Osteopath)
John Wray BSc (Hons) (Registered Osteopath)
Leslie McDonald AAAPA, MAAPA, BSYA, (Reflex A)
Denise Sandu

This branch of Osteopathy is concerned with subtle movements of the cranium (skull) and the sacrum and their combined effect on Cerebro-Spinal Fluid flow and the nervous system.

It centres on a constant motion throughout the body - suggestive of the rhythmic movement of the tide. This cranial rhythm is a slight movement of the bones of the cranium and membranes that is transmitted through the body. A Cranio-Sacral Osteopath uses their hands to pick up this rhythmic flow. Areas of dysfunction and restriction within the muscles and joints can be detected by an altered rhythm and corrected by the osteopath.

Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy is a very relaxing diagnostic and therapeutic treatment. Acute and Chronic conditions can be resolved. Patients benefit not just physically but also emotionally. Release of physical tension patterns can also lead to emotional release. A sense of physical and emotional "balance" can be achieved.

The whole body is usually examined using the cranial technique to detect the source of a patient's complaint. This is not separate from the treatment itself. Treatment may not be felt by the patient to be taking place, but relaxation post treatment is normal. Some patients may however feel tissue release, heat sensations, tingling or pulsing during treatment, this is quite usual.

Reaction to treatment may be instantaneous, but most conditions will require three treatments or more. Some patients may notice muscle or joint aches a couple of days following treatment, this is a normal post treatment reaction.

Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy is a gentle, non-invasive technique. It can be carried out with the patient fully clothed and in a posture comfortable for the individual patient. If a patient is not considered suitable for Cranio-Sacral treatment they will be referred to a relevant practitioner.