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Hot Stones

Sue Ewin Dip H&CA, Dip R

Hot Stone Therapy This is a powerful thermodynamic massage using ancient selected basalt stones. The application of the heat from the stones increases circulation and generates activity at various levels; tired sore muscles are relaxed with improvements in flexibility and strength and tension held at the deepest level is dissipated. This therapy can be deeply relaxing.

Life Saving Back Treatment A lovely treat for this much neglected, hard to reach area. The back is deep cleansed with body brushing and exfoliation, then relaxed with a luxurious hot stone massage.

Aromatherapy Total Body Care Treatment with Hot Stones This treatment involves total body skin brushing, exfoliation and full body aromatherapy massage promoting total relaxation. You will float after this.

La Stone Treatment Use of hot and cold stones to decongest, energise. Great for inflammation, arthritis. This therapy brings a sense of balance, rejuvenation and deep healing: 60% body massage with the stones, 40% energy work.

La Stone (Castle Building) This treatment involves lying back on a spinal layout of stones and further stone placement along the body. This is a great way to experience the stones without massage. Ultimate relaxation is achieved, while helping to reduce stress and other ailments by balancing the energy levels within the body.