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The amethyst crystal is recognized for its strong healing and cleansing powers and the ability to enhance spiritual awareness and expand knowledge.

At our clinic we want to encourage people to use all different complementary therapies.

We aim to help those that require not only the hands on skills of our Osteopaths but offer the chance to enhance your inner well-being via our Complementary Therapies.

Osteopathy for a long time was not acknowledged by the medical profession but now, is being welcomed as a useful therapy by the modern thinking G.P. Many doctors are now recommending their patients for complementary therapies including Osteopathy and Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy.

The Complementary Therapy "scene" can be seen by some as too "new-age" however, with Osteopathy, it is becoming more and more accepted as a viable alternative to drugs and medical treatments. Many of the treatments we are offering at the Clinic have been developing on other continents for thousands of years.

NB. Not all therapies offered have their own section on this website. Our Therapists offer a wide range of services. If you do not see a therapy that you are interested in, please look at our Therapists section.

NB: This site is undergoing some changes, so please accept our apologies if some pages look different for a while.