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Janet Tuck ITEC Diploma
Richard Righton ISRM
Loraine Wheeler ITEC Diploma
Donna Willsmore ITEC CThA MAR AoR

The magic of massage is that it works on the body, mind and soul to create a total feeling of balance and well being. It is an amazing way to relax and de-stress while at the same time treating many of our modern day illnesses.

It boosts all of the body systems and greatly enhances our wellbeing.

Massage helps to exfoliate the skin and improve tone and texture, it can be an aid to relieving stress, a major cause of stomach disorders, insomnia and depression.

Forms of massage available at Amethyst are:

Sports and Remedial Massage Is a deep massage. It concentrates on specific areas to relieve muscle tension, ease chronic pain, maintain flexibility and boost confidence in performance.

Holistic / Full Body Is a hands on treatment that involves manipulating the bodies soft tissues. It comprises various techniques of both deep, light and smooth flowing strokes. Deep tissue massage helps to relieve muscular aches and pains. It helps to break down and rid the body of cellulite. It improves circulation and assists the elimination of built up toxins.

Aromatherapy Massage This uses a combination of Holistic massage together with the therapeutic powers of essential oils.

Chair Massage This is a fully clothed dry massage in a specially adapted chair that is fully supported and very comfortable. This massage focuses on areas prone to muscular tension such as shoulders, back, neck, head, arms and hands.

Indian Head Massage Using ancient techniques this massage focuses on the head, neck and shoulders.