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Sanjee Corbyn BA, MNIMH
Donna Willsmore ITEC, CThA, MAR, AOR
Linda Gosney MBIH, MGHSC, MNPS
Sue Ewin Dip, H&CA, Dip R
William Stockbridge H&CA, Dip R

This is an ancient form of healing believed to have spread through Tibet, China and India a few thousand years ago. It was re-discovered in the late 19th century in Sanskirt teachings from the days of the Buddha by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian minister and theology teacher.

The word 'Reiki' is Japanese, where 'Rei' means 'Universal' and ' Ki' means 'Life Energy', the same as the Chinese 'Chi' or the Indian 'Prana'.

Reiki is the vital life energy, which flows through all living things and which can be activated for the purpose of  healing, working on all levels - spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.

A Reiki treatment affects each individual in a very personal way. The results are determined by the needs, which are not always obvious, of the person being treated.

Receiving Reiki treatment is a very simple, non-intrusive and extremely powerful process. A treatment session lasts between 50 to 90 minutes. It is usually done with the recipient lying down, fully clothed and covered by a blanket, on a massage couch, a bed or even the floor.

The practitioner gently places their hands in various positions over the body enabling the recipient to draw the energy where it is needed. Each position is held for a few minutes. There is no pressure, making it ideal for treating the very young and the elderly, pregnant women and those recovering from surgery.

During a treatment you will generally feel a pleasant sensation of warmth or gentle tingling in the area being touched. As energy comes into balance, stress and tensions are relaxed and there is a deep sense of relaxation and a feeling of well being. You may even fall asleep!

Its is a great tonic, and if you are well, Reiki will help you stay that way.